Our fourth and final fantastic keynote speaker will be:
Mia Ridge

Mia Ridge at GLAM-Wiki London, 2013

Mia is currently researching a PhD in digital humanities (Department of History, Open University), focusing on historians and scholarly crowdsourcing. Mia has published and presented widely on her key areas of interest including: user experience design, human-computer interaction, open cultural data, audience engagement and crowdsourcing in the cultural heritage sector. Mia was formerly Lead Web Developer at the Science Museum Group, and has worked internationally as a business analyst, digital consultant and web programmer in the cultural heritage and commercial sectors. She is editor of the forthcoming volume ‘Crowdsourcing our Cultural Heritage’ (Ashgate, to be published 2014). She tweets as @mia_out and keeps the blog Open Objects.

At Sharing is Caring 2014, Mia will give a talk entitled “Enriching cultural heritage collections through participatory Commons platforms”.

* * *

We’re delighted to announce the third keynote speaker at the 2014 seminar:
Kathryn Eccles

Dr Kathryn Eccles

Kathryn holds the position of Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. Her main interests lie within the field of Digital Humanities, focusing on the impact of new technologies on cultural heritage, and on scholarly behaviour and research. Her current research looks at the role of crowdsourcing in the arts, in particular the potential of new information and communication technologies to promote public engagement with and awareness of museum collections and to elicit new information about users and usage. This AHRC-funded research focused on the project Your Paintings as the key case study.

Kathryn will talk about experiences with crowdsourcing efforts in the cultural heritage sector. More specifically, Kathryn will delve into how the national art-tagging project Your Paintings enhances search-ability and visibility of small and large English collections and the public ownership of shared heritage.

* * *

The second keynote speaker at Sharing is Caring 2014 to be announced is:
Simon Tanner

Simon Tanner, King's College London

Simon Tanner is Deputy Head of the Department of Digital Humanities and Director of Digital Consulting at King’s College London. He works with cultural institutions big or small across the world to assist them to transform their collections and online presence. His research on reproduction charging models and rights policy for digital images in art museums has heavily influenced the trend towards opening up cultural heritage collections. He authored Digital Futures: Strategies for the Information Age with Marilyn Deegan and in 2011 wrote Inspiring Research, Inspiring Scholarship: the value and benefits of digitised resources for learning, teaching and enjoyment. In 2012, Simon published Balanced Value Impact Model. He tweets as @SimonTanner.

Simon will give a talk titled “When we share, do they care? Using Impact Assessment to understand how our digital presence changes lives.” He will concentrate his presentation on the Balanced Value Impact Model, and how focusing on the ways we change the lives or life opportunities of our communities should affect our investment of digitization, digital presence, and user engagement.

* * *

We are proud to announce the first keynote speaker at Sharing is Caring 2014:
Nick Poole


Nick is CEO of the Collections Trust in London, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the organisation. Nick is also the Chair of ICOM UK and of the Europeana Council of Content Providers and Aggregators. Nick advises Governments and agencies in the UK and internationally on issues relating to Culture, and he represents the UK on the European Commission’s Member States Expert Group. He has published and lectured in the UK and worldwide on subjects relating to Collections Management and the legal, economic and ethical issues relating to delivering collections-based services. He tweets as @NickPoole1.

In his talk, Nick will explore why people fall in love with museums, what happens when they do, and how we can build museum services in future that bring even more people into a lasting relationship with the work that we do.

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This site currently contains info on previous Sharing is Caring seminars.

The 3rd international Sharing is Caring seminar will be held on April 1th in Copenhagen. The seminar focus on collaboration with users in the GLAM sector. All over the world cultural institutions are striving to develop new ways to engage and collaborate with users, enabled by digital technologies and the Internet, with the aim to foster deep and lasting involvement, enrich our knowledge and assets, and to be not only places for the preservation of cultural history, but also hubs of new creativity, ideas, and innovation. In a series of expert talks, discussions, ignites, and networking sessions, we’ll explore the topic from a wealth of different angles. User involvement, remix culture, crowdsourcing, citizen science, and citizen exploration are just some of the keywords on the agenda. How do we tap into the cognitive and creative surplus so abundantly present in the people we used to call our audiences, and help make it thrive in relation to the collections and knowledge in our institutions?

The seminar will present a range of expert speakers, offering different approaches to the topic – from hands-on experience with user facilitation to preparing decision makers for understanding and embracing audiences as prod-users and potential co-workers – a series of sparkling ignite talks from practitioners in the field, and lots of time and space for networking and discussion on the topic.

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